About KCK company


The company KCK Cyklosport-Mode Ltd. was established in 1991 as a retail and specialized wholesale. At the very beginning there were three companions from whose names was the KCK derived.

Currently the company KCK has an only owner, Mr Dalibor Kmenta,
who has been successfully leading the company since 1995.

The company is currently engaged in wholesale and you can find over than 6,000 items in stock! The KCK company is the exclusive importer of numerous
famous brands, such as PROLOGO, WILIER, PERUZZO, FLLI MENABO, ITM,

The basic sales range are own-brand products FORCE and SHIMANO. The KCK company offers
range of products, spare parts and accessories.



At the beginning of 2016 was finished building new headquarters in Zlín - Otrokovice
right at the exit of highway Praha - Brno, where is the central headquarters and
warehouse of company.

Storage rooms are equipped with modern technology, which helps our employees to
dispatch ordered goods as soon as possible. Since 2016 we use
WMS system in our warehouse which helps the process of expedition
to be faster and smoother. 

During the last 25 years the company has built a strong reputation in the
Czech Republic but also abroad. In particular it is Slovakia, Poland, Germany,
Austria, Hungary, Croatia, France, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Slovenia, Belarus
and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Newly dispatched goods also to Japan and Panama.

KCK Team